Red Lion HMI

How Friendly is Red Lion HMI?

The HMI developed by Red Lion impress by reliability and connectivity. The software platform is Crimson enables enhanced IEC 61131 logic control programming. We tested CR3000 touch panels in projects developed with Allen Bradley PLC and Siemens 1500 PLC.

Red Lion and Allen Bradley

We was satisfied about Red Lion and Allen Bradley PLC: the communication and tags update was easy and do not require manual corrections! In conclusion , Red Lion HMI are a solution to subsitute PanelView graphic terminals, using HMI like a communication gateway with other devices!

Red Lion and Siemens PLC

We developed one project using CR3000 HMI and S71500 PLC. The programming platform was Crison 3.1 and TIA PORTAL. The communication between HMI and PLC are OK. The tag import in Crimson application was not working: need manual reconfiguration for every tag! The DB import are working very good. Our conclusion: Red Lion is not so friendly with Siemens PLC, but, if you develop your variables in DB (not in tags), you can work without problems!